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(L-R) Jose Kurian - CYBONET Regional Director for SAARC and SE Asia, David Feldman - CEO CYBONET, Jutipat Boonsoong - Technical Director BlueZebra Networks and Lalita Sirisrimungkorn - BlueZebra Networks at a joint seminar in Bangkok, Thailand, April 2017

CYBONET’s CEO, David Feldman, recently returned from a visit to the Far East, where he met with partners and prospective customers in the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and India. He was accompanied by Jose Kurian, CYBONET Regional Director for SAARC and South East Asia.

David introduced CYBONET’s new Cybowall cyber threat detection and response solution at meetings and seminars within the region. Reactions to Cybowall were extremely positive. “Organizations know that they are in the dark about the hostile activity taking place within their networks, and were very receptive to CYBONET’s agentless solution for breach detection, endpoint monitoring and automated response, which provides an affordable solution to mitigate the risk of infection” David reflected.

David and Jose met with current partners Misoft and Mitek in Vietnam, BlueZebra in Thailand, and SEA Infonet in India. In addition to Cybowall, they presented CYBONET’s PineApp Mail Secure comprehensive email security solution and sandboxing technology, and the Outbound Spam Guard (OSG); a carrier-grade solution of particular relevance to telecom providers in the Philippines.

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David Feldman, CEO CYBONET, presenting the new Cybowall Cyber Threat Detection and Response solution at the seminar hosted by our partner, BlueZebra, in Bangkok, Thailand


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Cybowall introductory presentation in Mumbai, India, with David Feldman, CEO CYBONET (front center), SEA Infonet, our partner and organizer, and session participants


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