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Graham McIntyre, Regional Director Europe and Nordics, presents CYBONET's new Cybowall Cyber Threat Detection and Response solution at the RiSK 2017 Conference, Slovenia, 15-16 March 2017


CYBONET took part in RiSK 2017 in Slovenia; one of the leading events on IT security in the Adriatic. The conference was organized by REAL security, CYBONET’s partner in the region, and included participants from the government and commercial sectors, with global market leaders represented.

Graham McIntyre, Regional Director Europe and the Nordics, successfully presented a session entitled 'Total IT Visibility & Security by Cybowall'; introducing CYBONET’s new agentless solution for breach detection, endpoint monitoring and automated response, ideally suited to the mid-market.

Graham also provided a demonstration of how Cybowall leverages three security vectors to analyze and monitor network activity across all endpoints and correlates data in order to initiate automated, policy-based remediation.

CYBONET’s comprehensive email security solution, PineApp Mail Secure - and Sandboxing, Email Encryption, Email Branding, Big Data Transfer and Email Archiving solution modules - also continued to attract interest from the event participants, who convened to explore the big picture regarding new solutions, strategies and products to optimize the network environment and tackle cyber threats.


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