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There are a staggering number of products on the market that promise to solve just about every corporate email security concern through features like anti-spam protection, anti-virus capability, zero-hour detection, and in some cases, advanced threat remediation options. A close inspection of all the product options reveals that many are virtually identical, and it is difficult to determine what sets one solution apart from all the others.

In addition to the standard features and services each solution offers, some companies promote features that do not seem to directly relate to email security issues. It is challenging to know which details and features are necessary and which are just extras. Before choosing an email security solution that will be the most appropriate and effective option, you must be aware of all the challenges facing your company with regard to securing email. The problem is that the security risks you face are growing and changing just as fast as your company. New threats are developing every day, and you need a solution that can adapt and defend effectively.

This white paper will present several common email security threat scenarios businesses face today. It will also discuss why the most effective solution should be flexible enough to adapt to your company’s evolving needs. Finally, it will present CYBONET Mail Secure as an ideal solution for both enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses.





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